Wednesday, April 5, 2006 So, it blocks or unblocks it?

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 So, it blocks or unblocks it? Sounds block in talks between unions and UMP parliamentarians. According to Le Monde, the unions are in limbo …. It unlocks the side of the high schools and facs, if one believes the AFP dispatches. While in some places, the release is not done by democratic means but by force. Attention to these purposes conflits.Liberation evokes "The temptation radical activists." Who won ? an unexpected answer is given in Le Figaro. According to the newspaper the CPE boosted tutoring and private lessons are rubbing their hands. Another answer to humanity. On that question, the Communist newspaper replied: democracy and political life In an interview, Michael Vakaloulis, political scientist, sees in effect in the anti-CPE movement accelerated political socialization. Excerpt: "Although young people are placed at the forefront of protests, I think it [the anti-CPE movement] will mark all generations. For the employee unions, whose activism rejuvenation is a major challenge, the junction with the youth in struggle is an opportunity to dust off its image and verify its usefulness in social confrontation. It is a perfect meeting opportunity that is worth more than ten annual union plans. Relatively speaking, this could also involve political activism, provided to respect the autonomy of each and did not disappoint "Finally, information that reminds us of the necessity of duty of memory, again and again. The Alsatian regional councilor Patrick FN Binder believes that visiting places of memory of Nazi crimes as Auschwitz, is of no interest to the students and protests against regional grants to schools to visit the camps concentration.C is to read in the New obs and Liberation. Vigilance. Good reading… ——————————————— – 05/04/06 Liberation the minting street door negotiations Backed by more than 2 million demonstrators, the unions will meet with UMP parliamentarians to demand the withdrawal of the CPE. Read more of the article "Switching to other forms of protest" Loic Dumas, 15, in the second high school Montgrand Marseille Read more of the article "We entered a dangerous dynamic" Gregory Stump, 24 years and Valeau Brice, 22, sports students at Paris-V Read more of the article "the government seeks rotting" Edward Jouanjean, 40, senior adviser for education in Merdrignac More Article "in 2007, we will take revenge on what they are doing" Waldine Oba, 24, a student of foreign languages ??at Marne-la-Vallee More Article temptation radical activists they favor forms of spontaneous protests and uncontrolled. Read more of the article Mental Health Disorder Evaluation sociologist Alain Ehrenberg, CNRS researcher, director of Cesames (psychotropic Research Center, Mental Health company), CNRS-Inserm-Universite Paris-V. The Inserm collective expertise Service issued three reports on mental health: "Assessment of psychotherapies," in 2004; "mental disorders in children and adolescents" in 2002, supplemented by the "Conduct disorder" in 2005. They have triggered intense controversy. I rise to speak on the last report, including as director of a social science research unit associated with Inserm (and the CNRS and the University of Paris V) and specializing in issues mental health. Yet we have not been consulted on how one should or could pose problems in terms of objectives that should have been clarified. Are the social sciences a cherry on the cake of public health research? One aspect has not been highlighted: everyone agrees, not just the expert group, to say that everything starts very early in children and therefore should act accordingly. These are the ways of thinking and acting that are different, and they have not been sufficiently highlighted. Read more of the article "Losing a school year rather than life" A Jussieu, a handful of students take turns to block access to university. Read more of the article "was authorized to co-manage the school" courses or block? In Maurice Ravel High School in Paris XX, students and the headmaster agreed: During the morning, blocking the afternoon. Read more of the article To the elected FN, traveling in Nazi youth distort Patrick Binder, Alsace Regional Council, denounced subsidies to schools to fund visits to extermination camps. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 05/04/06 CPE dope tutoring a time of white bins and other school deadlines, the students are organizing to not suffer the three weeks of anti-CPE mobilization. A boon to support organizations that are full on the occasion of Easter courses, with an increase of up to 25% of enrollment. Read more of the article called Chirac "the responsibility", unions are demanding a quick repeal During the cabinet meeting on Wednesday, the President hoped that opens "constructive discussions" between unions and the presidents of the UMP parliamentary group and invited students and students "to resume classes." The Inter, met this morning, calls for the repeal of the text before April 17. Dams and occupation continue in several cities. Read more of the article Not knowing inspire, the PS is guided by young people […] And if it was in power, she left not answer questions of youth? There are ten days in Bondy, Razzye Hammadi, Chairman of the Young Socialist Movement, noted that the current situation was not comparable with that of May 68, the reference is however constantly called to the rescue as a stallion contesting meter. Today, he said, "the claim of young people is not to overthrow the company but to return to society" .The PS, which runs through a phase of Brownian motion, so messy, in programmatic terms, stalled his speech on the youth there, but without dreams of adventure in search of safety. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 04/04/06 (a day late) "for young people, this conflict is accelerated political socialization" Interview with Michel Vakaloulis, professor of political science at the University of Paris VIII. Read more of the article Already nearly 2600 arrests in France The number of people arrested in connection with the anti-CPE movement at the national level, amounted, according to latest figures provided by the Interior Ministry, March 29, 2 592 people. The distinction between major and minor is not specified. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 05/04/06 (paying) what is Villepin? Off the case on the CPE, the Prime Minister had to face yesterday in a huge show of force unions and students. It is not (yet) issue of resignation, but diving in Sondag Read more of the article A "dream demonstration" in the capital SHE IS DELIGHTED Lucie. Delighted and proud. On beating the pavement "on 7 February when the CPE did not interest anyone." To be still there two months later, although his "studies suffer somewhat" Read more of the article The real figure: 228,000 protesters in Paris AS ALWAYS, that’s the big difference. The Paris demonstration against the CPE has brought together some 700 000 people according to the CGT. For the Ministry of Interior, the final count is 84 000 people. "Le Parisien" has used another method. Read more of the article "We need people who believe in our kids’ Meeting in Paris, the parents of autistic children have come many exhibit an exhausting day. The look changes on the mental, but concrete aid still sorely lacking. Read more of the article Fifteen thousand young people without support LACK of specialized structures in places for the treatment of autism remains abysmal in France. Of the 100,000 autistic in the country, 25,000 are under 20 years: it exists only 4500 places for children and young … Read More Article ——— ————————————— the Cross of 05/04/06 CPE: the unions demand the repeal "before April 17," the unions, supported by the success of Tuesday’s demonstrations, asked the UMP parliamentarians voting a law repealing "before April 17," and announced, otherwise, a "new highlight of mobilization." Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– 20 minutes from 05/04/06 "people are fed up, it exceeds the CPE" we take the same and start again. The mobilization has not abated yesterday despite government retreat on the CPE. Protesters were as numerous as Wednesday in the final showdown: 1 million according to police, 3 million according to the unions in the country, and nearly 700,000 in Paris alone, according to the organizers. Read more of the article Editorial: Negotiations "without taboos or a priori" Some predicted shortness of breath, a kind of last stand of a crowd who feel they have won. Those are for their expenses. In total, the events of yesterday have met throughout France almost as busy as of March 28, some cities have even seen a greater influx that recorded it a week ago. This is the case of Marseille, Bordeaux and Nantes. We wondered what would have retained the French two contradictory messages launched by Jacques Chirac Friday the promulgation of the CPE or indefinite freeze. We had yesterday the answer, and will keep the pressure is obvious. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— West of France 05/04/06 rugby transforms Leo, the little autistic contact sport, rugby is also a great school of
life. This is probably thanks to the values ??it that this sport manages to integrate autistic children. As Leo, in Rennes. Read more of the article Half of the world’s languages ??threatened in a century, most of the 6,000 languages ??spoken on Earth might have disappeared. The warning was launched by Unesco. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 06/04/06 CPE: unions in limbo after the first encounters with the UMP Together Wednesday, April 5, twelve employees’ organizations, students and students opposed to CPE reiterated their demand for a rapid withdrawal before April 17, when the recess. On Wednesday afternoon, four trade unions were received in the Senate by the heads of the parliamentary groups of the majority. Read more of the article Unions negotiate with a divided UMP The hearing of the unions by the group of "negotiators" led by the presidents of the UMP in the National Assembly and Senate groups was to begin Wednesday, April 5 at 3:00 p.m. by the CFDT, followed by the CGT, CFTC and FO. The thread of dialogue should thus renew, after a new show of force of the anti-CPE, which were one million, according to police, and more than three million, according to the unions, to protest throughout the country. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur Standing 05/04/06 Binder (FN) against youth visits to Auschwitz the regional councilor Patrick FN Binder believes that visiting places of memory of Nazi crimes as Auschwitz does not of interest to the students. Read more of the article —————————————- Express daily 05/04/06 Nothing seen … Read More Article ——————————- —————————- A selection in dispatches of 05/04/06 CPE: 53 universities and 296 schools affected (Ministry Education) 43 of 84 universities were disrupted Wednesday 10 other closed or blocked, and 296 affected schools, announced the Ministry of Education in a statement. Read more of the article Yannick Vallee: "The students have gained, they must return being" The first deputy chairman of the Conference of University Presidents (CPU) Yannick Vallee believes that "students have won" in their mobilization against the CPE and urges them to resume classes, in an interview with Les Echos published Thursday. Read more of the article CPE: the lifting of the blockade of the University of Lyon II passed in AG Release of the University of Lyon II was approved in general meeting by a vote 630 votes and 510 against lifting the anti-CPE blocking, does said Wednesday to the management of the institution. Read more of the article Gagny: a high school unlocked by force, a first in Seine-Saint-Denis Police unlocked by force the entry of Gustave Eiffel high school in Gagny (Seine-Saint-Denis), a first in Seine-Saint-Denis, where a dozen high schools have already done Wednesday the subject of blockades, have we learned from sources. Read more of the article CPE: workers and youth unions received Thursday by the PS The PS will begin on Thursday a series of talks with the trade unions, students and high school students to prepare its proposals on employment young people, are we learned Wednesday from the party leadership. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more Indispensable teaching coffee VousNousIls the site (Section dispatches education AFP) the home teachers-education AFP dispatches on the site the Yahoo News website under education Published by Watrelot on Wednesday, April 5, 2006

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